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It’s a snake!

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Sometime in May, I walked downstairs and saw something new. It was a shed snake skin up in the drop ceiling, and it turned out to be 62 inches long! I did what most people do in these circumstances, and called the pastor. (He knows about snakes so it does make sense.) He reassured me it was harmless, but I decided to reserve judgment.

Six or seven weeks go by, and we were finally feeling comfortable that it had made its way outside, when I looked up and saw something new again. The snake itself was hanging down a bit from the drop ceiling and looking at us. We snapped a picture but he moved further into the ducts. UGH! Another call to the pastor, and this time it was clear: We were going to have to grab this snake and escort it outside. He suggested a pillowcase and gloves. More UGH!

The snake kept out of the way for another week, then scared my oldest son by climbing (slithering?) down from the ceiling and resting on a picture on the wall. It was obviously trying to get at the gerbils in the cage. Nanci bravely grabbed the pillowcase we kept for this purpose and pinned it to the wall, but it was escaping. I grabbed it and the pillowcase and looked around (maybe frantically) for some place to put it. Of course we had a reptile cage sitting in the corner (don’t you?) so in it went. I really expected to have snake dreams that night, but thankfully no.

Take a look at the pictures on our pictures page, it was a big snake. We let it go in the backyard (at the far end of course), as they are beneficial to have around. I just don’t want to see it again!

Scary Pictures!

Update: I did later have a dream where a 15 foot snake was out front in the driveway, so I guess I still think about it. I also fended off some bullying co-workers with Avatar-like water bending abilities, so maybe I shouldn’t read too much into it.